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How To Spray A Single Stage Car Paint
Video Training Series Part 1

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This is a basic video on Spray Painting by E Village.

Watch it and try to spot any mistakes that have been said. I'll break down some pointers with this video training. See if you can identify with them:

Whats Wrong With The Video Above?

Point #1: It is advisable to work from the middle to the side, instead of from the side to the middle.

Point #2: The painter is NOT wearing an air fed mask. This is very dangerous and is not recommended. It doesn't matter if it is base or clear, water or solvent based. All painters should wear one.

Point #3: You should generally put 3 even coats - NOT a light first coat and a heavy 2nd. No matter what paint it is, you should always apply it evenly.

Point #4: If you notice carefully, the body looks very wavy and it seems that the painter in the video painted over unprep metal. (look at the bubbles towards the left of the car near the end)

I've also created a 8-step pictorial guide for spray painting and car respraying for you. It is laid out in a simple format and it would help beginners get an overview of the process.

View the step-by-step guide now »

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